Where to Watch

Strategic points to watch the race

– Symbolic Departure: Av. Liberdade, Sesimbra

Excellent opportunity to see closely the Teams and the Riders. If you’re in Sesimbra don’t miss this opportunity.

– First “sterrato” sector, Estrada das Lagameças, next to the train line

This first sector of sterrato will put up to test the skils and positioning of the cyclists.

– Second “sterrato” sector, Cajados

The locals will have the opportunity to see a high-speed professional peloton pass by another section of sterrato.

– Third “sterrato” sector, Zona do Golfe do Montado

The longest section of sterrato will be crucial for cyclists who wants to win the race.

– Fourth “sterrato” sector, Estrada da Cobra, Baixa de Palmela

The mythical ascent of Cobra Road will make the selection and define the small group that will discuss the mountain prize in Palmela.

– King of the Mountain, Palmela

After the Cobra Road sterrato, the cyclists will face the coblestones of the historical center of the Palmela’s village.

– King of the Mountain, Alto das Necessidades

With an approach in the opposite direction to the first edition, Alto das Necessidades, will be equally difficult for all racers.

– King of the Mountain, Alto dos Pichleiros

Another short leg breaking climb Serra da Arrábida style

– King of the Mountain, Cruzamento para o Portinho da Arrábida, Serra da Arrábida

The highest point of the race that puts the Team athletes at full steam in the beautiful Serra da Arrábida.

– Figueirinha’s Beach

With no doubts, one of the most beautiful points of the race overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Arrábida beaches.

– Finish Line: Avenida José Mourinho, Setúbal

Next to the riverside area of Setúbal, the Sado river is the ideal place to receive the final sprint of Clássica da Arrábida.

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