Where to Watch

Strategic points to watch the race

11h40 – Symbolic Start: Largo de S. João

Excellent opportunity to see closely the Teams and the Riders. If you’re in Palmela don’t miss this opportunity.

12h48 – Passage through Av. Luísa Todi, Setúbal

Great chance to see the passage through the City artery

14h04 – Passage through “sterrato” at Estrada da Cobra, Baixa de Palmela

The mythical ascent of Cobra Road will make the selection of whom will discuss the mountain prize in Palmela.

14h07 – Kind of the Mountain, Palmela

First Mountain Prize to be discussed in Palmela, near the Viewpoint.

14h24 – Vila Nogueira de Azeitão

Another reference point to whatch the peloton pass by the Village of Azeitão towards the toughness of the Serra da Arrábida

14h56 – King of the Mountain Serra da Arrábida, final climb to the Mata do Solitário

Last but one Mountain Prize, to be discussed in Serra da Arrábida, on the final climb to the Mata do Solitário

15h19 – Final Circuit – 1st passage

Entry on the Final Circuit next to the Castelo de Sesimbra, near the Finish Line

15h23 – King of the Mountain, Assenta

With two passages on this magnificient climb do the Assenta Tunel, this is a awesome point to whatch the race.

16h07 – Finish Line: Castelo de Sesimbra, Sesimbra

An epic finish line in the Sesimbras Castle

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